7 days, 90 events ja 100 000 people in summertime Helsinki!

Helsinki Pride is Finland’s largest and most influential cultural and human rights event and one of the biggest public events of the year.

The Pride Week is celebrated again during the week after midsummer between June 24th and June 30th 2019!

The highlights of the week, the Pride Parade and the Park Fest, will take place on Saturday 29th of June.

Volunteering for Helsinki Pride 2019 starts in November 2018 and search for volunteers for the Pride Week will open in the spring 2019.

The call for Helsinki Pride 2019 program organisers will open in the early 2019.

Are you interested in making Helsinki Pride 2019 happen as a partner or a sponsor? Please contact sponsors (at) helsinkipride.fi for more information.

For more information and contact: toimisto (at) heseta.fi